Tuesday, March 1, 2011

City Council renews Jacksonville Landing parking deal after Peyton balks at extension

The Jacksonville City Council cloned a deal Tuesday to improve parking at The Jacksonville Landing, just as the original was dying of old age.

Council members voted 13-0 for an exact copy of a bill they approved last year over Mayor John Peyton's veto - with a new deadline extending the offer to Sept. 30.

Peyton's reaction was just like last year, too.

"If that is the case, then the mayor will veto it," said Kristen Beach, a Peyton spokeswoman. "The only deal point that would change is the extension of the date."

The council voted last year to offer Landing owner Toney Sleiman $3.5 million to use in a $5 million purchase of a 300-space parking lot at Hogan and Bay streets. That offer was about six hours away from expiring when the council voted to re-create it in a separate piece of legislation.

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