Friday, March 11, 2011

Election Guide: Council-At-Large Group Two (Jacksonville 2011)

This guide is for Council-At-Large Group Two (Jacksonville 2011).

The four candidates and their platforms:

1) John R. Crescimbeni (Democrat)

  • Served 10 years on the Jacksonville City Council where "he has never missed a regular meeting."
  • "He is the only "City Council member who chooses to serve without the help of an Executive Council Assistant, thus saving taxpayers more than $70,000 each year."
  • Board member of the Jacksonville Humane Society.
  • Has been the "owner of the local Hickory Farms Franchise for more than three decades."
  • Was against the "City's controversial $750 million no-bid landfill contract."
  • Was against the "unpopular effort to expand Craig Airport."
  • Member of Christ's Church in Mandarin.
  • Graduated from Bolles High School, Florida Community College, and Jacksonville University.
  • Supports Jacksonville Journey.
  • "Fought hard against both of the mayor's recent property tax increases."
  • Supports "increasing the retirement age for new hires and restructuring certain elements of the city's drop plan."
  • Was against the decision to allow "Central Florida to siphon off 155 million gallons of river water each day."


2) Paul Martinez (Republican)

  • "Owner of Martinez Advertising Group and a franchise."
  • Supports "the efforts to land a new aircraft carrier for Naval Station Mayport."
  • Advocates charter schools and the "opening of our system to the free market."
  • "Endorsed by John Thrasher and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce."
  • "Pro-life."
  • B.A. in Marketing and Management.
  • Supports a "repeal of the recent tax increase."


3) Tom Patton (Republican)

  • Has lived in Jacksonville for over 10 years.
  • A "former television and radio host."
  • "Backed by former Mayor John Delaney."
  • Supports a "shift to the practice of zero-based budgeting, which would force entities to provide real justification for their budgetary requests."
  • B.A. in Telecommunications.


4) Vince Serrano (Republican)

  • "Native of Jacksonville's West side."
  • Father is an immigrant from Columbia.
  • Started ASAP Towing & Storage a family business in Jacksonville.
  • Graduated from Forrest High School.
  • Veteran of the U.S. Army.


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