Thursday, March 3, 2011

Election Guide: Tax Collector (Jacksonville 2011)

This guide is for Tax Collector (Jacksonville - 2011)

The three candidates and their platforms:

1) Michael Corrigan (Republican).

  • "Jacksonville native."
  • Built a small business called Nu-Trend Plastics in Jacksonville.
  • Member of the Jacksonville City Council since 2003.
  • Endorsed by the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Fraternal Order of Police Chapter, Jacksonville.
  • Voted to implement the Stormwater and JEA franchise fee in 2007.
  • Voted to increase city mileage rate in 2010.
  • Voted to "raise property tax above current level in 2009."
  • Received an award for his leadership of the "1000 in 1000" anti poverty program which was planned to bring 1,000 people out of poverty in 1,000 days; it helped 50 families.


2) Dick Kravitz (Republican).

  • "Prime sponsor of the Jessica Lunsford Act (2005) and other key legislation designed to protect our children from dangerous sexual predators." Specifically, it "created a 25 year to life mandatory minimum sentence for first time molesters of children under the age of 12."
  • Peace Corps Volunteer.
  • Masters Degree from Ohio University.
  • NRA member.
  • Current Board member of the Justice Coalition.
  • Was the General Manager of the Jacksonville Suns in the 1970s.
  • Served 12 years in the Jacksonville City Council.
  • Was elected to the State Legislature from 2000 to 2008.


3) Ryan Taylor (Republican).

  • "12 years experience in the Tax Collectors Office."
  • "4th generation native of Jacksonville."
  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of North Florida.
  • Member of the Duval Young Republicans.

"Active members of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville."


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