The Contemporary World

I.  World War I.

A. The Seeds of War.

B.  The Spark.

C.  The War.

D.  The Russian Revolution.

E.  Peace at Last.

II.  Between Two Fires.

A.  The Postwar World.

B.  The Western Democracies.

C.  Fascist Dictatorships.

D.  The Soviet Union.

III.  Nationalism in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

A.  New Forces in the Middle East and Africa.

B.  India's Struggle for Independence.

C.  China's Drive for Modernization.

D.  Militarism in Japan.

E.  Nationalism in Latin America.

IV.  World War II.

A.  The Path to War.

B.  War in Europe. 

C.  A Global Conflict.

D.  Turning Points.

E.  Allied Victories.

V.  The Cold War.

A.  The East-West Split.

B.  The Communist Bloc.

C.  Western Europe.

D.  The United States and Canada.

VI.  Asia and the Pacific.

A.  Japan's Economic Rise.

B.  China in Revolution.

C.  A Divided Korea.

D.  Southeast Asia.

E.  South Asia.

F.  The Pacific.

VII.  Africa.

A.  African Independence.

B.  Africa Today.

C.  Africa's Challenges.

VIII.  The Middle East.

A.  Nationalism in the Middle East.

B.  War and Peace in the Middle East.

C.  Challenges Facing the Middle East.

IX.  Latin America.

A.  Latin American Challenges.

B.  Mexico and the Caribbean.

C.  Central America.

D.  South America.

X.  The World in Transition.

A.  The End of the Cold War.

B.  The Crumbling Wall.

C.  Toward a European Union.

D.  National and Ethnic Conflicts.

E.  Global Interdependence.