Sunday, April 26, 2009

You can run red lights, but you can't hide from cameras

"Cameras that automatically take pictures of motorists running red lights soon could be installed at intersections all over Florida."

"The Senate Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday passed a red-light camera bill (SB 2004) similar to one that received House committee approval Monday (HB 439)."

"If the chambers agree on a final version of the two bills, drivers caught on film would be fined $150 but would not have points assessed on their licenses, theoretically allowing them to avoid higher insurance bills."

"The big difference between the House and Senate bills is where money collected from the fines will go. Both versions would return $90 to the city or county where the cameras are mounted."

"The Senate bill directs $40 to general revenues — which can be spent on any state program — and $20 to hospital trauma centers; the House would send $30 to the state transportation trust fund — for roads and transit projects — and $30 to trauma centers."

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