Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teach For America Applications Soar

"When school starts next fall, Teach for America will send an unprecedented number of college graduates to teach in poor communities across the country; but not as many as the group would like. "

"Teach for America this year chose 4,100 recruits from more than 35,000 applications, an increase over last year's class of 3,700 recruits. While the group has never accepted every applicant, this was the first time it had to turn down people who met all its rigorous criteria."

"The constraint is the economy. Tighter budgets have forced some school districts to cut back on hiring, though overall 500 more spots for Teach for America are available this year. Also, those who give to nonprofits like Teach for America are either holding the line or cutting back on their charitable giving, which pays for training and professional development for the recruits. "

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