Saturday, November 20, 2010

Duval School Principal Pay Getting a Bump

A pay plan for principals adopted four years ago in Duval County now has a source of funding: stimulus dollars.

The old pay schedule was based on years of service, but a revised formula would factor in grade level (elementary, middle or secondary), enrollment and the percentage of students on free or reduced lunch. Pay also would be based on years of experience with the district paying $600 for every year up to $12,000.

A high school principal would get $10,000, with elementary and middle school leaders getting $3,000. Each principal would be paid $2 for each student.

A dollar amount also has been attached to the percentage of students on free or reduced lunches. That varies from $125 to $250 for each percent.

The base pay for principals before the formula is $74,311.

"Certainly to be competitive," said district spokesperson Jill Johnson when asked about the rationale for revised principal compensation package.

Duval County principals, even under the revised formula, still lag behind in pay when compared to other large Florida districts, said Johnson.

The district said the revised pay schedule will cost an additional $1.2 million.

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