Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jacksonville City Council races: Will anti-incumbent mood strike voters?

The candidates

Below is the complete list of people who have filed to run for one of 19 Jacksonville City Council seats. *Incumbents

District 1
Lindsey Brock (REP)
Darryl Fleming (DEM)
Clay Yarborough (REP)*

District 2
William H. “Bill” Bishop, III (REP)*
Stephen Heckel (REP)

District 3
Richard Clark (REP)*
Mario Rubio (REP)

District 4
Brett Foster (NPA)
Tillman Kasper (REP)
Don Redman (REP)*

District 5
Lori Boyer (REP)
Jack Daniels (REP)
Steve Hyers (REP)
Robert “Fritz” VanVolkenburgh (REP)
Derek Washington (DEM)

District 6
Matt Schellenberg (REP)
John D. “Jack” Webb (REP)*

District 7
Johnny A. Gaffney (DEM)*
Marc McCullough (DEM)

District 8
E. Denise Lee (DEM)*

District 9
Warren A. Jones (DEM)*

District 10
Reginald L. Brown (DEM)*

District 11
Tom Baine (REP)
James “Big Jim” Breland (REP)
Ray Holt (REP)*
Doug Moore (REP)

District 12
Joe Andrews (REP)
Lagarall Bates (DEM)
Doyle Carter (REP)
Jim Davis (REP)
David A. Taylor (REP)

District 13
Danny Becton (REP)
William “Bill” Gulliford (REP)
Dave Smith (DEM)
Vanessa Williams (REP)

District 14
Kendall G. Bryan, Jr. (REP)
Jill Dame (REP)
Shelton Hull (NPA)
Jim Love (REP)
Ron Petts (REP)
Greg “Hollea” Rachal (REP)

At-Large Group 1
Steve Burnett (REP)
W. Randall Gallup (REP)

At-Large Group 2
John Crescimbeni (DEM)*
Paul Martinez (REP)
Tom Patton (REP)
Vince Serrano (REP)
Eric Tuff (REP)

At-Large Group 3
Stephen C. Joost (REP)*

At-Large Group 4
Greg Anderson (REP)
Juan Diaz (REP)
Jim Robinson (REP)

At-Large Group 5
Fred Engness (REP)
Don Foy (NPA)
Dane Grey (REP)
Sean Hall (REP)
Robin Lumb (REP)
Michelle Tappouni (REP)

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  1. Vince Serrano would be a terrible choice to vote into office for At-Large Group 2. Ask the employees of the companies he runs about what it is like to work more man my no character and no personal stake in the lives of his employees. He cuts workers pay without notification. Just to name a few. The companies are profitably and successful, not because business is being handled correctly but because he has the resources $$ to make them as should.