Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jacksonville City Council action June 14, 2011

These are some items the City Council addressed at its meeting Tuesday:

Issue: Legal Aid funds

What it means: The council was asked to impose a new $50 fine on people convicted of many types of crimes. The money would be used to help Jacksonville Area Legal Aid finance its work for the poor. But judges warned that many defendants are already poor and can’t afford another fine.

Bill No: 2010-766

Action: Delayed for two weeks

Issue: Fair share fee moratorium

What it means: Two council committees had voted to withdraw a bill that would have put a moratorium on the city charging “fair share” construction fees to developers planning projects in areas with crowded roads. The moratorium, lasting up to three years, was suggested as a way to encourage new development and jobs.

Bill No. 2011-237

Action: Withdrawn

Issue: Waste hauler rates

What it means: The council was asked to approve three bills that renegotiated the rates per household that are paid to waste-haulers. One of the three haulers, Advanced Disposal Services, also negotiated a three-year extension on its contract.

Bill Nos.: 2011-292, 2011-293, 2011-294

Action: Approved

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