Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facts about Health Care Reform (by the White House)

The above link contains "facts" regarding health care reform as seen by President Obama.

I have a few questions/comments in regards to this website:

1) Who pays for this, as well as all the other .gov websites, that the President has set up in the past few months? The costs of servers and maintenance must be substantial.

2) What is considered a "fact"? For example, how can the government promise, by claiming it as fact, that the new reform will not lead to "rationing"? How do they know what will happen in the future?

3) Regarding the President's numerous townhall meetings: Once again, who pays for this? Why are we paying a President (mind you I just started paying attention to politics thus I have little to say in regards to President Bush) to travel around the United States to push his agenda? I just do not understand this...

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