Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Florida driver's license fee rising to $48 on Sept. 1

"The cost of renewing a license goes from $20 to $48. A first-time license will also cost $48, up from $27. Registering a car for the first time will be $225. Now, it's $100."

"Despite the unanimous objections of House Democrats, the Legislature approved these and other fee increases this year as part of an effort to balance the state's budget. Lawmakers raised the fees on 21 types of driver's licenses and raised the fees on 74 separate motor vehicle registration fees."

"The fee increases are expected to generate an extra $800 million in revenue in fiscal 2010, and $1 billion more in fiscal year 2011, Nucatola said. The department collects $1.5 billion in total revenue now and will collect $2.5 billion a year when the fee increases go through."

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