Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mayor Peyton Floats Appointing Sheriff and School Board

Mayor John Peyton believes it's time to consider moving away from the ballot box and giving future mayors the power to appoint the sheriff and school board members.

Peyton voiced his call for change to the City's Charter Review Commission which is meeting to explore possible changes on the way city government operates.

"If there is a better way to organize ourselves where we can deliver services more efficiently and protect the taxpayers' interest, we should do it," said Peyton in an interview after the commission meeting.

"I think one of the challenges with anyone running for mayor, the top two issues facing this community is clearly education and public safety. These are the top two issues in our county. Yet these are the two areas that in a strong mayor form of government that the mayor has probably the least amount of influence," said Peyton.

Sheriff John Rutherford doesn't buy into the mayor's arguments.

"I believe the best government is that closest to the people and they should be able to elect the highest law enforcement officer in the county," said Rutherford, who says he thinks Peyton is attempting to muzzle the sheriff's office.

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