Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jacksonville City Council Approves New Millage Rate and Budget

The city council has approved the budget, and in its second vote on the city's millage today also approved a 10.0353 millage rate by a vote of 10-8 vote.

The vote means an 8 percent increase from the 9.27-mill property tax rate currently in Jacksonville.

The council took its first break of the morning around lunchtime today, following a vote on the millage rate increase which ended with a deadlock of 9-9. But Councilman Reggie Brown changed his vote to break the stalemate.

The budget, which includes the millage, passed 11-7, and is balanced.

Council President Jack Webb said the budget that passed was $4.3 million lower than the one proposed by Mayor John Peyton, which was $995 million.

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