Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jacksonville Budget Breakdown

  • General Government -- $86,743,882
    • Includes money spent by City Council, Mayor’s Office, Central Operations and Supervisor of Elections.

  • Public Safety -- $521,669,306
    • Includes money spent by Fire & Rescue, the Office of the Sheriff, Medical Examiner and lifeguard services provided at the county’s three beach communities.

  • Physical Environment -- $12,163,843
    • Includes Environmental Quality, Solid Waste, Public Works, Cooperative Extension Service and Water and Sewer Expansion Authority.

  • Transportation -- $39,686,555
    • Includes Public Works, Engineering, Right-of-Way and Grounds Maintenance.

  • Human Services -- $64,225,103
    • Includes Public Health, Adult Services, Animal Care and Protective Services, Mosquito Control, Code Compliance, Indigent Care and Community Relations.

  • Culture and Recreation -- $61,161,368
    • Includes libraries, Recreation and Community programming, Waterfront Management, The Ritz Theatre and Special Events.

  • Economic Environment -- $10,610,230
    • Includes Veteran and Disabled Services, the Metropolitian Planning Organization, Northeast Florida Regional Council and the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission.

  • Other Disbursements -- $194,105,551
    • Includes Clerk of the Courts, Courts, Public Defender and State Attorney.

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