Thursday, April 7, 2011

Police are catching many people illegally drinking alcohol on Jacksonville's Beaches

With the George's Music Springing the Blues Festival this weekend and the upcoming opening of the Beaches celebration parade and other festivals and concerts scheduled through the summer, it's important that people know and heed the law, police said.

A lot of alcohol is sold at festivals and concerts and special events at the SeaWalk Pavilion and around Latham Plaza.

But Bingham said that is a city-permitted area during the events. Fencing marks the perimeter of the permitted area, and people who are drinking alcohol must stay within that.

People must pass through one of only four gates to enter and leave the area, to limit drinking to there. Officers and security guards will not allow people with a drink in hand to leave unless they get rid of it first, Bingham said. As part of the permitting process, event organizers must hire extra officers for security.

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