Friday, August 24, 2012

Court Rules, Apple Wins Patent Infringements Lawsuit Against Samsung

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Apple, Inc. and Samsung Electronics have been locked in a showdown over dominance of a $200 billion-plus smartphone and tablet market. But that ended Friday with the ruling of a month-long trial for Apple's patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung.

The jury ruled that Samsung infringed design patents for smartphones and tablets owned by Apple.

The jury awarded $1.05 billion in damages to Apple. That is $1.45 billion short of what Apple demanded when the company originally filed the lawsuit last year.

For more information, here is NewsHour's curated 'reading list' on the lawsuit and the jury decision. More to come as the night unfolds:

The Verge: Live, Apple vs. Samsung, jury decision. A live blog of from the courtroom in San Jose, Calif. as the jury announced its verdict Friday.

The Wall Street Journal: Apple Gets Decisive Win in Patent Case

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