Friday, July 1, 2011

Jacksonville City Council action

A look at items Jacksonville's City Council considered at its meeting Tuesday:

Issue: EverBank incentives

What it means: The council was asked to approve two agreements. One offered EverBank up to $2.1 million in state and city money to add 200 jobs in Jacksonville. The other pledged $2.75 million for the company to move 1,000 employees from Southside offices into downtown.

Bill Nos. 2011-368, 2011-369

Action: Approved

Issue: Landfill approval

What it means: The council was asked to issue a certificate of convenience and necessity for Otis Road Landfill LLC to open a construction and demolition recycling landfill at 1700 Otis Road.

Bill No. 2011-370

Action: Approved

Issue: Closing Monroe Street

What it means: The council was asked to abandon plans to reopen Monroe Street in front of the new Duval County courthouse. The building stands in the road's right of way, and Mayor John Peyton asked that the space be used as a public plaza.

Bill No. 2011-164

Action: Denied

Issue: General counsel confirmation

What it means: The council was asked to confirm reappointing Cindy Laquidara as the city's general counsel.

Bill No. 2011-432

Action: Approved

Issue: Legal Aid funding

What it means: The council was asked to create a new $50 fine for people guilty of misdemeanors, felonies and criminal traffic violations. Funds would go to Jacksonville Area Legal Aid work for the poor, but judges argued it was taxing defendants who are often poor, already pay more than $50 in standard fines and cannot afford any more.

Bill No. 2010-766

Action: Approved

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