Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown Introduces Budget to City Council

Brown plans to eliminate 225 city government jobs, including about 50 that Brown himself would have appointed.

Additionally, Brown explained that some city departments have cut expenses. The information technology department will expend $7.1 million less than last year, and the fleet management department reduced its spending by nearly $5 million.

The budget is $961 million, $28 million less than last year.

"I kept my campaign pledge," said Brown. "I wanted to streamline government and not raise taxes or fees, and this budget does that. I made the tough decisions and you have to do that."

Brown's budget also cuts public safety a little. The sheriff''s office will cut 40 positions and lose $1.3 million. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue will be cut $1.8 millon.

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