Monday, December 19, 2011

Duval School Board Action

The Duval County School Board had its monthly meeting Tuesday. Among the actions taken were:

Item: KIPP's charter school applications

What it means: Despite its first school earning the lowest area FCAT score last year, the charter school organization wants to open two elementary schools in the 2012-13 school year.

Action: Delayed approval; will invite KIPP to discussion at Oct. 18 meeting. (6-1, Hazouri)

Item: Public hearing and vote on a new policy for teen-dating violence or abuse

What it means: State law mandates all school districts adopt policies addressing teen-dating violence and institute curriculum designed to teach teens how to recognize if they are in an abusive relationship and how to seek help.

Action: Approved, 7-0

Item: Suspensions without pay

What it means: Frederick Richardson, a teacher at Highlands Middle, faces a 15-day suspension for choking a student and pinning him against a concrete wall. Richardson got into a physical altercation May 9 with a student he said was disobedient and disruptive in class. This would be Richardson's second time being suspended by the district for his conduct as a teacher.

Action: Richardson was suspended for 5 days (6-1, Wright).

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