Monday, December 19, 2011

Jacksonville City Council action

Issue: Curb, gutter and sidewalk bills

What it means: The council was asked to raise the price the city charges people who want curbs, gutters and sidewalks built at their property. The price hasn't changed since 1989 and would rise from $12 per linear foot to $35.

Bill No. 2011-410

Action: Approved

Issue: Council members using computers

What it means: Council members considered whether to allow themselves to use city phones and computers to stay in touch with their outside jobs. Other city employees can't do that. Council members wouldn't be allowed to run up special costs to the city. Bill No. 2011-576

Action: Approved

Issue: Kernan speed zone

What it means: The council was asked for permission to agree to a joint project with the Duval County School Board to set up flashing lights and other controls for a speed zone on Kernan Boulevard near Kernan Trail Elementary and Kernan Middle School. The city could spend about $100,000. Bill No. 2011-594

Action: Approved

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