Monday, December 19, 2011

Duval School Board action

Item: Ready for Tomorrow contract.

What it means: Consider a contract not exceeding $270,000 to continue the Ready for Tomorrow tutoring and mentoring program at Raines and Ribault high schools and North Shore Elementary School and offer it at Andrew Jackson High School.

Action taken: Approved 7-0.

Item: Upgrade the SuccessMaker program for 13 elementary schools designated
Correct II schools.

What it means: SuccessMaker is a computer-based software program that provides adaptive, individualized intervention in both reading and math concepts and skills. Purchasing the upgrade would cost up to $638,000.

Action taken: Approved 7-0.

Item: Per-capita and examination fees for 2011-12 to International Baccalaureate North America for Stanton College Preparatory School, Paxon School for Advanced Studies and Ribault High School.

What it means: The cost would not exceed $123,325 for Stanton, not exceed $58,000 for Paxon and not exceed $10,500 for Ribault. Legislated incentive funds for passing schools on exams will be used to refund the school district for the cost of the exams.

Action taken: Approved 7-0.

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