Saturday, August 28, 2010

Duval teachers, school district reach tentative deal

Duval County Public Schools and Duval Teachers United reached a tentative agreement Wednesday that gives $7.1 million in step-raises and benefits to all teachers and paraprofessionals in the district.

The deal is contingent on the district receiving an anticipated $20 million in federal funds meant for education jobs.

The district agreed to the raises and to leave language in the contract guaranteeing automatic step-raises in the future on the condition that the union sit down to rework its salary schedule.

The tentative deal also gives teachers at the top of the salary schedule a one-time payment of $500. Paraprofessionals at the top of their salary schedule would get $250.

The board wants more equity in the schedule for new teachers. Currently new teachers get as little as a $139 raise, but teachers going into their 22nd year can get a $8,249 raise.

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