Friday, August 13, 2010

Election Guide: Republican Primary, State Senator District 8

This guide is for the Republican Party Primary, State Senator District 8.

The two candidates and their platforms:

1) Charles Perniciaro.
  • "Has never run for political office."
  • A medical doctor for the Mayo Clinic.
  • Currently serves as Director of Dermatopathology at Bernhardt Laboratories.
  • Member of Beach United Methodist Church.
  • Has lived in District 8 for 20 years.
  • "Raiding the transportation trust fund to keep from having to balance the budget has to stop."
  • Supporter of Jaxport.
  • Against FCAT.
  • "Businesses that intentionally use illegal labor should be prosecuted."
  • "State government has to stop imposing unfunded mandates on local governments."
  • Supports the state's efforts to block national health care.
  • 2d Amendment supporter.
  • "Central Florida's proposal to siphon 260 million gallons a day from the St. Johns River has to be stopped."

2) John Thrasher.
  • Currently represents District 8 in the Florida House of Representatives and has since 1992.
  • Championed legislation such as "Three Strikes, You're Out," "10-20-Life," "A+ Education Plan" and the largest tax cut in Florida history.
  • Grew up in Jacksonville.
  • Army Veteran (awarded two Bronze Stars).
  • Law degree from the Florida State University College of Law.
  • Served as general counsel for the Florida Medical Association for 20 years.
  • Member of the Clay County School Board from 1986-1990.
  • The "driving force" behind the Florida teacher merit pay bill.

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