Friday, August 13, 2010

Election Guide: Democratic Party Primary, Florida Governor

This guide is for the Democratic Party Primary, Florida Governor.

The two candidates and their platforms:

1) Brian Moore.
  • 35 years of civil involvement.
  • U.S. Peace Corps volunteer from 1969-1972.
  • M.A. in Public Administration from Arizona State University.
  • 20 years in the HMO/Managed Care industry.
  • "Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American military and corporations from Iraq and Afghanistan."
  • Repeal of Patriot Act I and II.
  • Supports elimination of the use of torture.
  • Conduct a War Crime Commission against the Bush administration.
  • Opposes the Stimulus Bill unless "all financial and private institutions are nationalized and controlled by workers."
  • He is an open Socialist.
  • Advocates a National Health System.
  • "Initiate a guaranteed income for all American families, working or not, at a level of $35,000 per year per adult."
  • Phase out all nuclear power plants.
  • End U.S. Cuban Embargo.
  • Calls for treaty outlawing all weapons of mass destruction.
  • Abolish CIA, NSA and Homeland Security.
  • "Unconditional disarmament by the U.S."
  • Support Kyoto Protocol.
  • Legislate a 30 hour work week, six weeks leave, and a full pension.
  • Opposes capital punishment.
  • Stop America's participation in NAFTA, WTO, IMF, and World Bank.
  • Promote a multi-party system.
  • End U.S. arms sales throughout the world.
  • Advocates a constitutional amendment "requiring binding vote of people on all issues of war or military intervention."
  • Right of workers to form a union and to strike.
  • $15 per hour minimum wage.
  • A "steeply graduated income tax and estate tax."
  • Federal ban on all forms of job discrimination.
  • End all restrictions in law and work place, marriages and sodomy laws.
Colbert Video with Moore.

2) Alex Sink.
  • "26 successful years in business."
  • Currently Florida's Chief Financial Officer.
  • Put a stop to "Project Aspire, an $89 million, over-budget and under-performing state accounting program she inherited upon taking office"
  • Launched initiatives like the Safeguard Our Senior Task Force to "protect older Floridians from financial fraud" and Florida Housing Help, a program that "provides assistance to Floridians facing mortgage foreclosure."
  • She is the chair of Take Stock in Children.
  • She was president of Florida's largest bank, in charge of over "$40 billion in customer deposits while supervising more than 9,000 employees in 800 branches."
  • "Stabilize and expand small business."
  • Creation of a Florida job-creation tax credit.
  • "Increase efforts to market Florida as a retirement destination."
  • Use her role to promote successful companies in Florida to the world.
  • Expand R&D tax credits.
  • "Leverage up to $2 billion for high-tech investment" from the Florida Retirement System Trust Fund.
  • Create Energy Finance Districts which would "provide residential, commercial, and industrial loans to retrofit properties with energy-efficient systems."
  • Create a small business ombudsman within the Governor's Office.
  • Will "require that state regulatory agencies work together to simplify regulations."
  • Create a "one-stop" web portal for start-up businesses.
  • Require all top state agency officials to sign performance contracts with benchmarks.
  • Create a "non-partisan watchdog make state government more efficient."
  • Invest in high-quality pre-kindergarten education programs.
  • Invest in intervention programs to reduce crime.
  • Eliminate numerous exemptions from competitive bidding requirements.
  • Consolidate call centers, the state fleet management and "unneeded state property."
  • Reduce state cell phone usage to save "$6 million" as well as the use office supplies to save an additional $14 million.
  • Go after more federal transportation funding.
  • Hire a contractor to help the state draw down more federal funds.
  • "Merit pay for teachers and charter schools need to be part" of educational reform.
  • Require full disclosure of state party credit card spending.
  • Ban gifts from Vendors to State agency employees.
  • Promote Florida's new Property Assessed Clean Energy program, "which allows local governments to offer low-interest loans to property owners for making energy-efficient improvement to their homes."
  • Impose "stiff state fines" on private companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers.
  • Veto any legislation that diverts money from the state's highway trust fund to other projects.
  • Offer tax incentives for businesses to use rail.
Sink Unveils Alternative Energy Plan

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