Friday, August 13, 2010

Election Guide: Republican Primary, U.S. Senator

This guide is for the Republican Party Primary, United States Senator.

The three candidates and their platforms:

1) William Escoffery III.
  • He is "no career politician."
  • Physician with 40 years of experience.
  • Attorney with Constitutional law training.
  • Founder of The Medical Chiefs of Staff Coalition.
  • Supports legislation to "roll-back the federal regulatory burden so that private enterprise can lead our nation back to prosperity."
  • Against abortion.
  • Believes Obama is a "radical Muslim sympathizer."
  • Against government bail-outs.
  • Opposes all restrictions on gun ownership (except by "certified, crazy people."
  • "Absolutely opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens."
  • Supports legal immigration and wants to require an English proficiency test for citizenship.
  • Supports English as the official language of the U.S.
  • "100% against the Obama Health-Care Plan."
  • Advocates tort reform, use of Heath Savings Accounts, eliminating most federal government involvement in health care, private Medicare/Medicaid and allow importation of low-cost drugs.

2) William Billy Kogut.
  • Opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  • Audit U.N. and Federal Reserve.
  • Fair Tax proponent.
  • Provide "all necessary funding" for the War against Global Terrorism.
  • Support gun rights.
  • Penalize employers of illegal immigrants to the point where it "would not profit them to hire them."
  • Supports traditional marriage.
Video of Kogut.

3) Marco Rubio.
  • Hire one civilian employee for every two that leave government.
  • Use TARP funds to pay the debt.
  • Cancel unspent stimulus funds which "could save nearly $300 billion."
  • Ban all earmarks.
  • Pass a Constitutional Amendment requiring Congress to balance the budget.
  • Require any new federal tax to be approved only by a 2/3 vote of Congress.
  • Supports proposals that "would allow individuals and businesses to check-off an amount, up to 10% of their tax bill, to be dedicated to retiring the national debt. Congress would have to match the amount."
  • Freeze federal non-defense, non-veterans spending at 2008 levels.
  • Give the president the line-item veto.
  • Permanently extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.
  • Permanently end the death tax.
  • Stop the Value Added Tax.
  • Repeal "ObamaCare."
  • Prevent a national energy tax.
  • Oppose efforts to strip away workers' right to a secret ballot.
  • Allow individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines.
  • Incentivize the use of electronic medical records.
  • Give individuals the same tax break given to businesses when they buy health insurance.
  • Increase the number of Community Health Centers.
  • Allow "patients to switch insurance coverage...without risking pre-existing condition exclusion."
"Rubio Calls for Federal Layoffs" article.
Rubio interview with Wolff Blitzer.

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