Friday, March 4, 2011

Election Guide: Council-At-Large Group One (Jacksonville 2011)

This guide is for Council-At-Large Group One (Jacksonville 2011).

The three candidates and their platforms:

1) Steve Burnett (NPA)

  • Put numerous boxes of confidential information in a trash dumpster while working at Jackson Hewitt.
  • Once said "government, in my opinion, doesn't do anything right."
  • 20 year Navy veteran.
  • Masters in Business Administration.
  • "Has made biweekly payrolls for 15 years as a business owner."


2) Kimberly Daniels (Democrat)

  • Born in Jacksonville.
  • While in college she was a "member of the fastest female spring team in the nation."
  • Army war veteran (Operation Desert Storm).
  • Started her own ministry in 1992 and has "traveled to 20 countries as an international speaker, written 10 books, [and] founded two churches.
  • Created two programs (one for ex-cons another for women with substance abuse issues) that have "touched the lives of many on the streets of Jacksonville."
  • Masters Degree in Christian Education and a Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling.
  • Has 6 children; "two sons retired from the NFL."
  • Regarding JEA: "The JEA is a public monopoly. Like all monopolies, it has no incentive to be efficient or profitable because it has no competition."
  • Advocates new approaches to crime including "a border of checkpoints for cars entering a neighborhood which had experienced high rates of violent crime."
  • "She and her husband live in a nearly half-million-dollar Northside home listed by the Property Appraiser's Office as her church's parsonage. Spoken Word Ministries, which is primarily controlled by Daniels and her family, also paid to install a swimming pool and screen enclosure on the property in 2008."


3) David A. Taylor (Republican)

  • "Founder of David Taylor, P.A., a highly successful law firm in Jacksonville, and his primary field of practice is commercial litigation and adoptions."
  • Vice President of David A. Taylor Air Conditioning and Heating, "owner and chief investigator of Moonlight Investigations," and "president of Nine Point Holding Company, Inc. a construction company in Jacksonville.
  • Member of the NRA.
  • Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Firefighters.
  • "Has been the subject of repeated complaints to the Florida Bar, although he is still in good standing."


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