Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jacksonville City Council action

A look at some of the issues the Jacksonville City Council considered in its meeting Tuesday:

Issue: Historical Society growth.

What it means: The Jacksonville Historical Society asked the city for $250,000 to help it buy the Old St. Luke’s Hospital and Florida Casket Co. on Palmetto Street near the downtown sports complex. The buildings would be used to store and display its archives. Buying them will cost $575,000 and restoring them could cost more than $1 million. Bill No. 2011-87.

Action: Approved

Issue: Anti-terrorism equipment.

What it means: The council was asked to let the city accept a $252,000 federal grant to buy police equipment for handling chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive hazards. Bill No. 2011-75.

Action: Approved

Issue: Fire museum board.

What it means: The council was asked to approve appointments of five people to an advisory board for the city’s fire museum near the downtown riverfront. The appointments of Carol Alexander, John Bracey, Wayne Doolittle, Christina Leonard and Wayne Wood are part of an effort to revitalize a board that had not been active recently. Bill Nos. 2011-121 and 2011-123 through 2011-126.

Action: Approved

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