Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Election Guide: Sheriff (Jacksonville 2011)

This guide is for Jacksonville Sheriff.

The three candidates and their platforms:

1) Soren G. Brockdorf (NPA).

  • Master of Business Administration from Florida State University.
  • Was a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer as well as a Federal Agent.
  • "Modernized two companies with over 8000 employees."
  • "Will provide more motorcycles to officers."
  • "Initiate arrest vans to transport arrestees to jail."
  • "Make evidence technicians a civilian position."
  • "Will delete the college requirement for patrol officers."
  • "Will make alarm calls privatized or fee based (except distress calls)."
  • "Police uniforms will be completely revamped."
  • Increase the number of correctional officers.
  • "Add 50 new officers to the streets."


2) Ken Jefferson (Democrat).

  • 24 year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.
  • Was the "co-host of the number one rated and popular Wheel of Justice program from 2004-2008."
  • Graduate of Jean Ribault High School.
  • Master's of Science Degree in Theology and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville.
  • "A deep faith in God."


3) John H. Rutherford (Republican).

  • Sheriff from 2003 to present.
  • 36 years experience with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.
  • Graduate of Florida State University and N. B. Forrest High School.
  • Against having the mayor appoint a sheriff.
  • Crime was reduced 10.5% in 2009 (it went down about 7% nationwide in 2009) and 11.7% in 2010. "Jacksonville still had the highest crime rate per 100,000 population and the highest per-capita murder rate of all metropolitan areas in the state [in 2009]. The murder rate has been the highest for 11 years running."
  • Approves using red light cameras.
  • "Expanded Police Athletic League."
  • "Built one of the nation's most highly regarded Crime Analysis units."
  • "Created Project Dismas, the community re-entry program for violent offenders."
  • Created the Community Service Officer Program.
  • Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters, and the Northeast Florida Association of Realtors.


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  1. Jefferson seems like anice guy,but we need a real sheriff not a preacher. The guy has 24 years on the job and no education what a waste.